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Shop Tour Summer 2015

Just in case you haven’t been in our shop we invite you to come along for a visit to our change of season Shop Tour Summer 2015.

It’s that time of year again in the retail world, time to get ready for the seasonal changes from summer to fall and then the holiday season begins anew. Before I change everything in the store and the fall colors start to appear, I thought a pictorial Store Tour Summer 2015 would be fun, so here goes! Beginning from the entrance.

Stop Tour Summer 2015It will be sad when the frost comes and kills the annuals growing out front.

Store Tour Summer 2015

Picnic baskets and checkered tablecloths will be coming out of the front window, time for a harvest window! Funky Junk Farmer’s Market Stencils available HERE

Stop Tour Summer 2015

Last double grange chair still available.

Shop Tour Summer 2015

So hate the light fixtures but oh well it’s a rental.

Shop Tour Summer 2015So helpful to take a picture and see what might need a bit of tweaking.

Shop Tour Summer 2015Fusion Painted Cabinet. We’ll have this paint for sale here as soon as we are all stocked.

Shop Tour Summer 2015I did get the antlers out to begin the fall change-over but that is about it.

Shop Tour Summer 2015

Stencils are one of the great additions to the Fusion Paint Line love this Funky Junk Grocery one.

Shop Tour Summer 2015That last silk forsythia needs to go away till February!

Shop Tour Summer 2015This is not my shop but a table a customer’s husband made from pallets! Love it! I am hoping her husband will make me one!

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