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Start to Finish Roadside Table Restoration 90 Minutes Three Easy Steps

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I love it when I can do a Roadside Table Restoration in 90 Minutes or less. This little gem is the kind you might find at an auction for a few dollars. Yard sales are filled with such items for a $1-$3. It is however more likely found in a “Free Pile” on the side of the road!

I paid a few dollars at the box-lot Monday Night Auction and this is exactly how it came into the shop. She was dusty and dirty and had a few Cobwebs. The best part about this piece is there is no finish left on it so it is the perfect little table for a super quick milk paint re-do. So here goes the 90 minute roadside table restoration using all Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Products..

roadside table restoration

Here are the 3 Easy Steps for turning Trash to Treasure

  1. Prep-Clean Piece-I first vacuumed the dust and dirt and then a quick clean with Murphy’s Oil Soap, followed by a clear water rinse-Total Time- 11 minutes

roadside table restoration

2.Paint Piece– I am planning to use this little table as a plant stand so I want it to be Lucketts green with a bit of boxwood peeking through.

Mixing up the two paints and painting the table

I mixed the two paints according to package directions making the Lucketts green a bit thicker than normal.I painted the table with boxwood 1st where I want the darker color to show after distressing. I used a hair dryer after I painted to dry each section that I painted boxwood. I then used MMSMP Bees Wax finish as a resist putting it on the boxwood paint anywhere I wanted the darker color peeking through. Next I applied the Lucketts Green Paint quite heavily and dried it quickly with a blow dryer to get the most texture and a little crackle-Total Time-45 minutes

roadside table restoration3. Finishing-Light Sanding and then Top Coat-Finishing Products- It was a bit messy sanding this piece as the paint was on pretty heavy but once it was done, just lovely. I loved the little bit of Boxwood Green Paint peeking through. Wiped it down with a dry rag and sealed the whole thing with MMSMP Hemp Oil-Total time-25 Min- The piece was then done but I let it dry overnight. I then applied a small amounts of antique wax in the crackle areas to see some age effects. Dry and buff- Total time-9 min

roadside table restoration

I know this piece would probably have  ended up in someone’s burn pile but  it made a great roadside table restoration piece.  This table now highlights all the steps needed to turn a beaten-up table to a shabby chic treasure!

Until next time, enjoy the journey with paint!


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    1. So glad you liked it. Getting the little projects done gives you energy for the big ones! Have a great day.

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