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  • iod farm animal stamp

    IOD Stamps Farm Animals


    Iod Stamps Farm Animals are a big hit. The stamp package is 12″ x 12″. The animals range in size. These rustic European styled critters work fabulously in vintage styled projects, as well as modern farmhouse , and everything in between.

  • iod stamp kindest regards

    IOD Stamps Kindest Regards


    Iod Stamps Kindest Regards is a great addition to your decor stamps. This Love letter script is 12 inches by 12 inches. The art and decor your can embellish with the IOD stamp Kindest Regards is endless! A Vintage Romantic French touch to all your creations!

  • iod stamps rose toile

    IOD Stamps Rose Toile Botanical


    IOD Stamps Rose Toile is one of our shops favorites.If you love classic, romantic florals then this is the stamp for you.The delicate movement in this foliage, the graceful curves of the leaves-it’s what roses want to be when they grow up. You will love the dragon-fly too!

  • IOD Transfer Botanist’s Journal


    Introducing the IOD Transfer Botanist’s Journal!I can’t say enough about how gorgeous this transfer is. Detailed flowers, insects, a bird and the latin terminology in a great script. Unusual, original and a perfect introduction by IOD Decor. Sure to make all your creations an enviable work of art!

  • IOD Transfer Midnight Garden

    IOD Transfer Midnight Garden


    IOD Transfer Midnight Garden is one of the most beautiful transfers I’ve ever seen! The real-life like colors of the flowers and all the detail just make this a highly sought after transfer which can be cut apart and used to decorate however you wish! It’s big 24″ x 32″ and continues to be an all time favorite!

  • IOD Mould Wings and Feathers

    IOD Wings and Feathers Mould


    The IOD Wings and Feathers Mould is now available here. You will love the things you can create with these moulds. The moulds are now bigger, a full 10″ x 6″. The variations or feathers and wings on this mould are beautiful and the artistic details will enhance all your projects.Check out the photos for ideas!

  • Iod Wooden Knobs

    IOD Wooden Knobs


    IOD Wooden Knobs are the very best of quality! Are you looking to make your own drawer knobs? These knobs in two sizes are perfect compliment to our Knob Topper Stamp and all your drawer knob creativity. Packaged 4 to a bag with screws for attaching.

  • japonica iod transfer

    Japonica Iod Transfer


    Japonica IOD Transfer resembles a pen and ink drawing with very detailed florals. Unusual in color and form with a romantic touch of the Orient. 33″wide x 24″tall

  • label ephemera iod transfer

    Label Ephemera IOD Transfer


    Label Ephemera IOD Transfer is a topography lovers dream. If you like vintage advertisement and script you will love this design. Use as a whole or cut apart and use just what you need.

  • Ladies in Waiting IOD Transfer

    Ladies in Waiting IOD Transfer


    Ladies in Waiting IOD Transfer is such an amazing innovative product! 4 separate detailed botanicals that can be used in a million different ways! You’re gonna love this transfer.

  • lemon drops IOD TRansfer

    Lemon Drops IOD Transfer


    Lemon Drops has recently become available in a pad form.It consists of 4 sheets each 12″x 16″. More product than there was on the original tube. Check out all the decorating magazines and you are sure to see lemons as design in home decor everywhere!

  • painterly Florals

    Painterly Florals IOD Transfer


    Painterly Florals IOD Transfer is gorgeous! As a matter of fact, it’s like having the work of a master to enhance your home decor! 8-12″x16″ pages This is gonna be a best seller!

  • Pavo Stamp IOD

    Pavo IOD Stamp Intricate Peacock


    The Pavo IOD Stamp is amazing! TWO sets of Stamps make up this Peacock design and the sky is the limit with what you can do. Easy stamp sheet is 12″ x 12″. Go ahead and Get Creative!

  • Traditional Pots IOD Transfer


    Traditional Pots IOD Transfer is the perfect transfer for making small items as gifts and decor. Newly re-designed with 4 -12″x 16″ sheets in a pad form each with 8 designs in Blue, White, Black and Charcoal.

  • Typesetting IOD Stamps

    Typesetting IOD Stamps


    The IOD Typesetting Stamps come on two sheets. Both upper and lower case alphabet as well as numbers.Generously sized and designed to work fabulously together. Each sheet is 12″ x 12″. A favorite classic serif and a typewritten style for all your typography creations!

  • wall flower iod transfer

    Wall Flower IOD Transfer


    Wall Flower IOD Transfer is another home run for the IOD Sisters. Big Vibrant Flowers in bold beautiful colors the design is 8 pages of 12 x 16″ florals but it can easily be cut apart and used any way you would like.