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  • IOD Moulds Fleur De Lis

    IOD Mould Fleur De Lis


    The IOD Mould Fleur de lis has just become available and I’ve been giddy with expectation.
    This mould has a rooster several leaves in different sizes a rabbit and 4 detailed hearts. The architectural detailed pieces included will enhance all your projects.

  • IOD Moulds Floral Swags

    IOD Mould Floral Swags


    IOD Mould Floral Swag is now available. This mould is a collection of classic floral swags and flower garlands. Use to enhance furniture, pottery and any project where a floral motif design element will enhance your project. This mould will be a favorite in our classes for sure!

  • IOD Mould He Loves Me

    IOD Mould He Loves Me


    IOD Mould He Loves Me gives proof to the statement that “There are never enough flowers!” Lots of options for creating your favorites with this mould! The different sizes and shapes are perfect!

  • IOD Mould Heirloom Roses

    IOD Mould Heirloom Roses


    Get ready flower lovers! IOD Mould Heirloom Roses is here! Flowers, leaves, stems and buds make an amazing statement on all your diy projects.

  • IOD Moulds Laurel

    IOD Mould Laurel


    Introducing the IOD Mould Laurel. This mould is a collection of classic elements, bees, laurel swags, crowns and wreaths. Use to enhance furniture, pottery and any project where you want the WOW factor. This mould will be a favorite with our customers and in our classes for sure!

  • IOD Mould Lock and Key

    IOD Mould Lock and Key


    The IOD Mould Lock and Key is better than ever. This mould is much sought after for altered books and keepsakes. Let’s get creative!

  • IOD Mould Butterflies

    IOD Mould Monarch


    IOD Mould Monarch speaks for itself. So many ways to use these gorgeous sculptured critters into your diy crafts. amazing detail and the size is 6″ x 10″

  • IOD Sea Shell Mould

    IOD Mould Sea Shells


    The IOD Sea Shells mould is going to be a must have for beach lovers and summer at the shore folks. Detailed shells that are perfect in scale and joy to cast and create with.

  • IOD Trimmings 2

    IOD Mould Trimmings 2


    If you have ever wanted to add something special to a piece of furniture then the IOD mould Trimmings 2 is perfect! Once painted looks like it was there forever!

  • IOD Moulds Classic Elements

    IOD Moulds Classic Elements


    Introducing Iod Moulds Classic Elements. My favorite of all the new moulds because it has a little bit of everything.This mould has bead trim, Victorian style motif, shell, corners and two gorgeous dresser medallions. The mould is 10″ x 6″.

  • iod moulds sea sisters

    IOD Moulds Sea Sisters


    Introducing the IOD Mould Sea Sisters an amazing collection of mermaids, sea fauna and shells. These moulds are bigger than ever 10″ x 6″ The design potential with this mould is limitless! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with these!

  • IOD Decor Stamp Chippy Paint

    IOD Stamp Chippy Paint


    The iod stamp chippy paint will make your surface look like old chipped paint and no worries about the real paint chipping. The stamp is 12″ x 12″

  • iod stamp distressed

    Iod Stamp Distressed


    IOD Stamp Distressed creates a vintage distressed appearance on surfaces. The stamp is 12″ x 12″ and can be used in full or smaller sections. IOD stamp Distressed is perfect for a faux distressed look so popular in home decor.

  • iod stamp floral swags

    IOD Stamp Floral Swags


    Introducing the iod stamp floral swags. Just as the name implies this stamp is a collection of beautiful detailed floral swags and 2 birds. Take a look at the gorgeous wall border in the photos. The stamps are on a 12″ x 12″ protective backing which can also be used as your base for stamping.

  • iod stamps barnwood planks

    IOD Stamp Wood Planks


    IOD Stamps Barnwood Planks is an innovative products which turns a plain board into a planked one. Truly amazing design that will allow you to make barnboards from plain wood. This stamp set has two sheets of stamps.

  • IOD Stamps Cubano Tile

    IOD Stamps Cubano Tile


    Introducing the IOD Stamps Cubano Tile certainly a game changer in decor stamps.Use this stamp to make faux tiles for backsplash or floors, or even use parts to make coasters etc. Sure to become a classic this stamp is diy decor at its best!Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean!