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IOD Redoute 4 Transfer Sap Buckets

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I must admit when I first saw the IOD Redoute 4 Transfer I was  bit giddy.

IOD Transfer Redoute 4 Large floral vintage stems with gorgeous details and real-life-like colors. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. Flowers and Vintage are my passions and this transfer is over the top in both fields!

Never Enough Flowers

The name our my business is Gardenhouse Studio for a reason. A year after we bought the house, we dug up the front yard and planted peonies, day-lilies and other perennial flowers.

People began to  refer to our house as the house with the gardens out front. When we built the studio the name for the business had to be Gardenhouse Studio.  Gardenhouse Studio became an antique shop focused on up-cycled and re-created vintage furniture that we rescued before it was thrown to the landfill. We brought in three safe lines of paint to the shop and began to teach people how to update their own furniture with embellishments and quality DIY paints. The IOD line of products is a perfect fit to add to our shop and vision.

Using the IOD Redoute 4 Transfer

I am still able to get sap buckets when I am in Vermont and we use them in the shop as well as for classes. The IOD Redoute 4 Transfer is perfect for these sap buckets turned “French Flower Buckets”. The ladies in this class amazed themselves with their buckets. They too become giddy as the finished buckets were unveiled, revealing some totally transformed old sap buckets into gorgeous one of a kind Home Decor.

iod redoute 4 transfer

Just look at those smiles! We used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint to paint the buckets [2 coats] and added the bonding agent because we were painting on metal. The green bucket is Lucketts Green and the Orange one is Outback Petticoat. The off-white buckets are painted linen.

iod redoute 4 transfer

All the ladies wanted some script on the buckets so I used the scraps from other transfer projects we had done and we randomly applied them before we adhered the IOD Redoute 4 Transfer. The orange bucket has the LE PETIT ROSIER under the Redoute 4 roses.

When all the transfers were adhered to the buckets, we sealed them with tinted MMSMP Tough Coat Sealer.

iod redoute 4 transfer

The IOD Redoute 4 Transfer is an incredible value. All 4 buckets were done with just one transfer [each transfer has 4 complete rose stems] and there are still leaves and flower parts left.

Want to make an amazing transformation to your own home decor? These transfers can make it happen for you. You’ll love the artistic details, vintage style and how user friendly they are.

The Redoute 4 is available on this site.

#Never Stop Creating

iod redoute 4 transfer

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