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DIY Velvet Pumpkin and Autumn Trug Decorating

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I love velvet pumpkins!

diy velvet pumpkin tutorial
It’s the first week of September and I am thinking fall decorating. [Actually I started this post in mid August.] I’ve wanted to do a DIY velvet pumpkin tutorial for awhile, so here it is! Have you seen these little beauties around and realized that you could make your own velvet pumpkins for autumn decorating? If the answer is yes Let’s do this!

Velvet pumpkins have been popping up the last several years for autumn decorating. This may be a passing fad, but I still love them to add a bit of whimsy and glamour to my autumn decor. We made several last year for the shop and this year I am making some for Autumn Spectacular September Antique Show. Living in a farm community affords me lots of pumpkins stems.

There are many tutorials on line to show you how to make these pumpkins but I make mine a little different so that they are weighted and sit nicely on a table or shelf. To weight them I fill the bottom of the pumpkin with plastic weighted stuffing beads.

You can find some of the products we used here on Amazon at the end of this post. Our site is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. We only recommend the products we use and if you purchase from Amazon via our site, we receive a small commission. This doesn’t affect the price of the product at all.

I don’t use beans or rice to weight them because if you put your holiday items away for the season you wouldn’t want critters [mice] getting into them because you used food to stuff them.

Making the Pumpkins

While making my pumpkins I did discover that you need a pretty big circle of velvet to make your pumpkins. Keep that in mind when getting fabric for your velvet pumpkins. I am a Shabby Chic girl at heart so I just couldn’t resist these white velvet pumpkins from Rachel Ashwell.
Rachel Ashwell Velvet Pumpkins
Another great Pin that I found on Pinterest this year- Love the color!

Supplies you will need in this Diy Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial

*fabric-velvet for pumpkin
*stuffing-poly fiber works well
*strong sewing thread and a hand sewing needle able to sew through velvet
*poly beads for weighted bottoms
*pumpkin stems and glue
diy velvet pumpkin

I have been collecting stems for awhile and now is the time to use them!

Here are a few details to remember while planning your pumpkins:

3″ high  pumpkin needs an approx. 9″ diameter circle of velvet

4″ high pumpkin needs an approx. 12″ diameter circle of velvet

6″ high pumpkin needs an approx. 18 inch diameter circle of velvet

Steps I follow for my velvet pumpkins.

1. Cut velvet into circle [I use mixing bowls for my patterns]
diy velvet pumpkin
2. Thread needle with enough thread to go around pumpkin and tie a knot
3. Push your needle through the fabric about 3/8 inch in from the edge and back stitch
diy velvet pumpkin
4. Beginning sewing around the circle in 1/4 inch stitches
5. When you get to the end or where your stitches began pull the thread to gather the pumpkin, leaving an opening for the beads and poly-fill

6. Fill half full with beads and then fill with poly-fiber till you are happy with the look of your velvet pumpkin
7. Pull the gathers tightly and do several backstitches to close in the opening
[If there is a space still I go back and forth a few times across the top to make sure the stuffing isn’t going to leak out.]
8. Hot glue your stem of choice to the top and your pumpkin is done!

Make several and decorate to your heart’s content!

Ideas for Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins

After you make your velvet pumpkins, you will need somewhere to put them.  Here are a few ideas. Decorate a vintage trug or wooden box with pinecones velvet pumpkins and antlers. This combo will go right through Thanksgiving.
Here’s a couple more ideas from Pinterest.

Everyone Has an Extra Basket

I love everything Edith and Evelyn do including this gorgeous centerpiece She has a great blog worthy of following. Go for a visit I know you’ll love it! http://edithandevenlynvintage.com

Velvet pumpkins can be used in a rustic setting or a more fancy elegant centerpiece. They really are a great addition to all your fall and holiday decorating.
I hope you will get an opportunity to try this Diy Velvet pumpkin tutorial and let me how they come out!
diy velvet pumpkins
Happy Fall!
All My Best Peggy

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